Aswan and the Upper Nile

 At Aswan, we boarded the good ship Aton.  The Good Ship Aton docked at Aswan
 Approaching the Mauseleum of the Aga Khan by felucca  But soon we headed out by felucca boat to the Mausoleum of the Aga Khan. Felucca boats are sail boats but also have big oars for when its calm.
The mausoleum itself is not so impressive. It is a modern structure, the Aga Khan died not so long ago (1957).    Aga Khan Mauseleum
 View from Mauseleum Hill  But the view from the hill of the Upper Nile and Aswan was worthwhile.
 And perhaps the point of the whole excursion was to sail back in the Nile sunset.  

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